Medical History

MANAHIM FATIMA was my first daughter born as Mongolian child on 25th March 2003 and died after sixty five days.

UMAMA FATIMA  is my 2nd daughter, born on 5th June 2004  in Aga Khan Hospital Karachi.

At birth,she had no neonatal problems.At the age of 2years,on the basis of ECG,X-RAY,CAT and MRI tests,she was diagnosed by her pediatrician  Dr.Jahangir (Agha Khan Hospital,Karachi.) as CP(Cerebral palsy) child.

Umama has started talking since 1year but can not frame sentences,she expresses her like & dislike.

Speech therapy was first started when Umama was 6 years of age at Rehabilitation centre (Liaqat National Hospital,Karachi.) but it turned out to be useless. Umama is moody child, she is very active,demanding,shy and manipulative type of a child.I have not seen her afraid of anything.She is fond of playing games on computer and mobile.Umama is not going to any school and is not getting education anywhere. 

At present,her weight about +30 kgs,height is approximately 3 feets. She wears nappies need assistance for toileting, she uses wheel chairs.

During physiotherapy Umama feeling pain in November 2014, I consult orthopedic surgeon Dr.M. Asif paracha (Liaqat National Hospital,Karachi.),he examined Umama very well,X-Rays showed dislocated left hip join (see X-rays).It is very serious matter, Umama case is very typical.

we also consult Dr.Perwaiz Hashmi (Aga Khan Hospital,Karachi. ),Doctors advice me to take her abroad where pediatric surgical treatment is better than Pakistan.

One of hospital in Germany, Schön Klinik Vogtareuth, accepted my daughter case .Others  are more expansive.

I am doing best for Umama Fatima but now can’t afford treatment expanse in abroad because i have been exhausted economically. Humble request and Appeal to all kind hearted people to save my daughter’s future.

Therefor i want my friends like brothers & sisters could help me in getting treatment of my daughter .I wish that my daughter could pass rest of her life in peace, happiness and could walk without trouble and support.
I feel sure that my request will be honored for which i shall be highly grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Please always remember  UMAMA FATIMA in your pray for her better future and success in treatment.

Thanks  and Best Regards.                                                                                                                        

Muhammad Ayub 

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