کسی کو اگر نیک کاموں کی توفیق ملتی ہے تو اس کا مطلب ہے کہ خدا اس پر مہربان ہے اور اس کی بخشش کا پروانہ جاری کرنا چاہتا ہے


In 2015, I contact so many people and NGOs in Pakistan by e-mails and letters (over 350), but unfortunately no response from their side, I was disappointed and stop thinking about my daughter’s treatments abroad.

End of 2018, I again struggle for my daughter because her condition going to the worst,due to hip joint dislocate, Thai boon  disturb upper part of her body causing  pain, now pediatric orthopedic surgery must necessary.  

My daughter need your help like a drop. I assure INSHAALLH soon I will collect hospital’s expanse amount Euro just feel that you are helping a special child and this amount is nothing in your daily life, I again request you please remember my daughter’s name UMAMA FATIMA in your daily pray .

1. Bank Details : IN PAKISTAN

Title of A/C        :     MUHAMMAD AYUB
Account #           :      6-11-11-20311-714-140964
Bank Name        :      HABIB METRO
Branch Name    :     Gulshan-e-Ali, Karachi, Pakistan        
IBAN                    :      PK59  MPBL 1111 0271 4014 0964

2. You May Donate / Zakat by using the link

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3. PayPal Account

PayPal Link        :

4.Hospital Bank Details : IN GERMANY

Remittee        :     Schon Klinik Vogtareuth SE & Co. KG
Account Number #           :      7 317 779
Bank Name         :      Deutsche Bank
BIC    :      DEUTDEMM        
IBAN    :   DE97 700700100731777900
Bank Identification #   :      700 700 10
Reason for Transfer:   Name of the patient (Umama Fatima) – Date of birth (05-06-2004)

Friends may send funds through other resources as they like more convenient for themself.